Thursday, 10 April 2008

No Name Yet - Part 5

From Delhi, I moved to another company in Bangalore, and stayed in BTM layout with few other girls. Subhashini (yes, the same one as in Part 3), Kala, Bhamimi, Ramalakshmi, Sathiya and Prabha. We were more or less of the same age group. All the complications that would arise in such a stay would arise among us also. Like, who would take bath at what time, whose liking the menu would be based on??...May sound silly, but they were serious issues frankly. We all really lacked that feeling of togetherness. One would like green chilly and it would not suit the other. 'For one beetroot would be a favourite veggie and the other hates it like nething'...and 'which channel to watch'...'Who will give up on such issues'...During most arguments, I was the one moderating...and these arguments were not verbal, it was all through group e-mails. Finally they named me Nattamai..:-)...and I used to make that pose like Vijayakumar in the intro scene of Nattamai movie.

But inspite of all these, we had loads of fun. We would hire DVDs and watch movies all night in the weekends, Kala was the one to plan the snacks, marie biscuit and tea mostly. We really relished each others' cooking. I have watched lots and lots of hindi movies with these girls. And we have been to many theaters in Bangalore. Also we made trips to Nandi hills, Mysore and Fun world. We used to celebrate our festivals like vinayaka chadurthi, pooja in the most traditional way, with all the traditional items like kozhukkattai, sundal etc.

We always had home-made sunday snacks, even though we would want to make some, and it would turn to be something else. Whether we enjoyed the snacks or not, we enjoyed the making of it...:-)Gobi manchuriyan was the ultimate one, as we did not have corn flour, I like a 'Big Chef' suggested to grind corn flakes to get corn flour, and the other ducks believed it and did the same and when we were trying to fry the gobis dipped in corn(flakes) flour, all the flour got seperated and we got gobi and flour manchurians seperately. The tragedy was that Ramalakshmi told her collegues who were working on sunday that she would get them gobi manchuriyan and they were waiting...

One thing none of us were good at, was to keep the house clean. Our house used to look like 'kuppa thotti' all the time.

All of them are well settled now, and we are in touch, not so often though.

People I am gonna blog about in my next episode, are some that I feel "Blessed with".
Watch this space!

(To be continued)


PVS said...

came from IV...been reading all yours posts..althou I liked quite a bit, this bit about corn flour was ultimate. I had to comment...haha, nice one

ப்ரியா said...

Thanks PVS for visiting my space and commenting.
I wish I had written this one in Tamil. Then, I dint know to type in Tamil.