Friday, 18 April 2008


IPL inauguration today!
Whatta grand event it was...hv never seen something like that.
I really wished I was in Bangalore watching it personally than on TV.
I am sure that it would have raised the eye-brows of the cricketers,cricket fans and all the people and media associated with this game across the world...Can India do so much for cricket??? They all would have definitely thought like this. was like (or even more than) a Olympic or some world cup inauguration!!!

I was telling it to Geetha and she got too wild, coz she feels,its all waste of money and instead this money may go to help poor people or some new five year plan may be set up! She was furious to the extent that she said to me,"get lost
dont u ever talk to me abt crkt..plssssssssssssssssssssss".
This is exactly what she said.I copied it from the chat session.

I actually hate cricket more than anyone in the world, but for personal reasons.My husband is too addicted to it. He plays for a club, and spends lotsa time in his practice sessions and matches, and when he is home too, he is glued to some 'xyz' match on the television or playing slogouts, reading something in, etc.
This game steals his time from me. I even make fun that if ever God Gives him choices between me and Sachin, he would choose Sachin.

But what I personally feel is different from what it actually is. One should see how the crowd relished the function and is relishing the game as such. It is surely a great entertainment to most of us. The whole crowd that was present in the Bangalore stadium today would have just forgotten all their stress and got refreshed. If this is considered waste of money, then I feel all the media that entertains people, be it movies, satellite TVs, theme parks or anything for that matter, must all pack up and spend money with the need and poor. I mean, I agree that poverty must be treated and all those arguments related to it, but I certainly feel an entertainer game like cricket must be welcome.

Tailpiece: Aparna, my friend about whom I will talk in a later episode of no name yet, her husband works for Mukesh Ambani at Reliance Industries.Today she said that his team has designed the suit that Sachin was wearing at the inaugurals. It feels good for me.

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