Friday, 18 January 2008

No Name Yet - Part 3

Huh have been out of this space since long.
Have taken a short break from work for parenting full time, wah what an experience it enjoy home all time.
Should write about it some other time, and now no name yet continues.

My college - Like everyone else, I have gained many good, life time friends in college. Indeed, my husband is one in that too...:-)

I write about them here in no order.

Kavitha : From my day one in college, we were together all through the four years. We sat next to each other in all semesters, know where first bench. This one is too too sincere and just because I sat next to her, it was assumed by some lecturers that I was sincere too! She is sensitive, yet practical, trust worthy, open. She does not poke her nose into anyone's matters, yet she cares for us.

Subhashini: செம வாலு
I used to call her Kapish. Unfortunately we did not spend much time together in college, except for our project duration in the final semester. Our trips to Sriperumbuthur in the chennai outskirts, where we did our project, were unforgettable. We used to play lots of games in the bus...
Kavitha was with us too.
But then it was yahoo messenger where we spoke even more than personally, after college days, while I was in Delhi. Then I moved to Bangalore and shared the house with her. I must say, I really cherish the time that I had with this girl. She is so passionate, does not give up so easily...
I went to Paris for a short trip (knife and fork flight travel...), when she was in Germany, and she came down all the way just to meet me, despite she has toured in Paris twice before.
But she is sensitive to an extent that if she is hurt by someone who means to her, she gives the biggest punishment of quitting them forever.
Unfortunately I made a blunder in her case and the same punishment, inspite of my repeated sorries. I was thinking the episode between me and her was closed forever, but God Saved me, during my pregancy and after delivery, she started speaking to me and we are on track again. Now she is a mother too, I was so touched when she called me while she was in labor and just after she delivered...

This is my sweet heart. She was my junior in college, 2 years younger to me, but I always have wondered that she is much more matured than me. She is so fun loving.
I was out of college 8 years before, but me and this girl still know what happens to each other day to day...we are so constantly in touch. She came to meet me quite many times when we were in India, when it was actually so dificult for her to come down...I mean in terms of the distance she travelled, and amidst her schedule...We talk so much on phone, chat lots, still mail each other...
இப்போ ஒரு தெலுங்கு பையனை கல்யாணம் பண்ணி
பப்பு, அந்த்த scene லேது, பச்சடி னு எல்லாம் பேசிட்டு இருக்கா..
She does not cry so easily except for few occasions, and she did while bidding a farewell to me at college.
I am sure she is my lifetime friend. Dont want to write more, but her friendship means a lot to me.

Actually our college has sister concerns and we all have the same hostel. Mercy was studying in a different college but we were in the same room. Maths expert, no wonder she inherited it all from her dad who was a Maths teacher, but generally she is very intelligent, she loves her family a lot and she does a lot of things for her
friends too. She is quite religious, has lotsa faith in God and everyday prays for all of us. Even now, when I am in trouble, I tell her to pray for me:-)
She is so humorous, cant ever forget our exam time studies in our hostel room balcony.With mosquito coil on, we would be studying the whole night. In order not to know the time, we would not have watches. But we used to sense the time through the adjacent house TV, the guy in that house used to watch TV all night. One night, itseems to be Vanakkam Thamizhagam advertisement in TV around 1AM, and me and mercy apparently thought it was already morning and got really we had lot more to study.Then when we realised it, we had so much of laugh that night, and even now thinking about it, a smile crosses my lip. I am sure it does for her too, if she happens to read it. There were many more funny incidents, and I really enjoyed the time with her. I used to be so possessive on her...:-)
Married and a mom too, her husband and son are her world, she has been making a lovely home, and then recently chose to step into the industry and is working now, I am sure she must be performing great there too.

When I write this, I am chatting with her. She is one kind I really like. Unlike few, who used to be so close when they are together and then when life gives them differnt roles, they forget friends. But this one is like me, who likes to be in touch with friends, forever.
She was my junior by a year. She vacated the hostel in her final year and was staying as a paying guest and I was searching for job, so shared her room.
She was so adjustable, a well wisher. When I got a job, she was genuinely happy for me.
All that she cant tolerate was stinginess, she is ofcourse very generous.
Married and a happy mother now.
While all of us were running after software jobs, this one is moving ahead in HR field. I feel its her strength area, as her communication skills are excellent.
She is on a break too, for parenting. One of the inspirations for me to decide about my break.

There is another one who inspired me to take this break, will write about her in a forthcoming episode.

I have had many more friends in college life, Hema, Anu, Shobana, Revathy, Gayathri, Pallavi, Karuna, Madhuri, Another Anu, Deepa, Gajalakshmi, mention a few down here, but the busy life style had put us out of touch, I mean I still mail, chat, talk to some of them but rarely.
I pray God that all my friends are Blessed with good health,wealth and happiness ever.

(To be continued)

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

God - You There?

Me and my husband sometimes get into argument about the existence of The Almighty.
I often prefer to skip the argument with my husband, this being a very sensitive topic and me being a more sensitive person.

But I just wanted to put down, what do I really think about this?

I believe in A Supreme Power.
There is definitely something existing beyond our reach, Who/Which is steering.
Its huge and one cant even explain it all and where is the question about proving the existence?

For the atheists it could be just 'Nature' or 'Science'.

For me, I want to respect,worship and 'BLINDLY' believe 'That Something'.

But I really don't have any belief towards religion, my God, your God,Only God kind of talks.
பத்து வயதிலேயே "மாரியும்,மேரியும் ஒன்று தான்" nu கவிதை எழுதின ஆளு நான்.

Another argument from atheists, "How do you know God looked like this? Who has witnessed Him?" ...
It is human tendency to imagine any of his liking also as human.
தான் வளர்க்கும் நாய் குட்டியிலிருந்து, தோட்டத்துல இருக்க மரம், செடி னு எல்லாத்துக்கும் ஜானி, ஜுலி யில் ஆரம்பித்து ராம சாமி, முன்னு சாமி னு மனுஷ பேரு வெச்சு கூப்பிடுற உலகம் இது. அப்டி இருக்கறப்போ தான் கும்பிடுற, பார்த்து பயப்படுற சாமிக்கும் தன்ன மாதிரி மூஞ்சி, பேரு எல்லாம் வெச்சு இருப்பான் மனுஷ பயல்.

But that does not mean, I don't do idol worship. I do.
I was born in a Hindu family, and from my childhood, I was shown Pillaiyar samy,Anjaneyar samy and The Others and was told, God Will Look like this. So my pooja room has these people as Gods.
Similarly a child born in Christian family or in Islam family would have got the respective introduction.

Certainly we all are behind a Driving Force, is my strong feel. Its up to one, to look at him the way one wants to.

Kamal மாதிரி 'அன்பே சிவம்' னு at least சொல்லணும். சிவமே இல்லை னு சொல்ல கூடாது னு நெனைக்கிறேன்!

இந்த பெரியார் மாதிரி சிலர், கடவுள் பெயர்ல இந்த society ல இருந்த Ups and Downs எல்லாம் மாறணும் அப்டிங்கற நல்ல எண்ணத்துல 'கடவுளே இல்ல' அப்டி ன்னு தப்பான preaching பண்ணிட்டு போய்ட்டாங்க.

அதே மாதிரி இந்த 'கடவுள் இருக்காரு' கொள்கை யை ஏகத்துக்கு extend பண்ணி ராகு காலம், வாஸ்து, பிசாசு, பூதம் னும் நடக்குற அக்கிரமங்களுக்கு அளவே இல்லாம போய்டுச்சு.

Actually, பகுத்தறிவு is different. கடவுள் இல்ல னு மட்டும்
சொல்லுறது தான் பகுத்தறிவு னு நெறைய பேரு நெனச்சுட்டு இருக்காங்க. My husband, atheist னு சொல்றது விட பகுத்தறிவுவாதி னு சொல்லலாம்.

Very simple...Newton's third law மாதிரி தானே...நம்ம தப்பு பண்ணா கடவுள் தண்டனை குடுப்பாரு ன்னு நம்புறது? இதுல கிண்டல் பண்ணுறதுக்கும் prove பண்ண சொல்லி கேக்குறதுக்கும் என்ன இருக்கு?
Whether you believe in 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction' or 'உம்மாச்சி கண்ணு குத்தும்'... Finally தப்பு பண்ணாம இருக்கணும் அது தானே முக்கியம்?
When it could be so simple, Why in the name of God, people fight???

Same way, God based celebrations and festivals.
We need reason to clean the house, light lamps, fast and clean the body, cook and eat the likings, wear special and all the etc that one does in the name of festival.
If you don't believe in God, why you must not celebrate Deepavali? If you don't celebrate deepavali, its your house which will be not clean, not lighted up, its you who will not wear new clothes/eat sweets/burst crackers. One must not confuse celebrations and God.

That's why I said my husband is more a பகுத்தறிவுவாதி than just an atheist. I am lucky that way!!!

அவருக்கு கடவுள் நம்பிக்கை இல்லைன்னாலும் என் நம்பிக்கைகளில் எப்போவுமே குறுக்கிட்டது இல்லை.
எங்க வீட்டுல சாமி ரூம் வெச்சுருக்கேன்..
He always encourages me to celebrate any festival,
அவருக்கு வீட்டுல அகர்பத்தி வாசனை, சாப்பிட பாயசம், சுண்டல் எல்லாம் பிடிக்கும்...:-)

அப்பப்போ 'ஏங்க! இந்த bell கொஞ்சம் அடிங்களேன்! னு சொல்லி என் பக்கத்துல சாமீ ரூம் ல நிக்க வெச்சுருக்கேன், எல்லாம் என் நேரம் னு சொல்லி அடிப்பாரு..
எனக்காக கோவிலுக்கு வரப்போ , line ல நின்னு சுண்டல் பொங்கல் சாப்பிட வெச்சுருக்கேன். 'இத உங்கப்பா (அவரு தீவிர நாத்தீகம்) பாக்கணும், அலை பாயுதே மாதவன் அப்பா மாறி 'நம்ம குடும்பத்துல இப்டி ஒரு எச்ச பையன்' னு சொல்லுவாரு' னு கலாசுறதும் உண்டு.

ஆனா அவரு அதுக்கெல்லாம் சலிக்க மாட்டாரு:-)

ஆனால் நெறைய பேரு பகுத்தறிவுவாதி என்று சொல்லிக் கொண்டு தங்கள் நாத்திக உணர்வுகளை குடும்பத்தினரின் மீதும் திணித்து, கொஞ்சம் கூட குற்ற உணர்ச்சி இல்லாம மொத்த family யும் நாத்தீகமா இருக்கணும் னு செய்யுற காரியங்கள் என்னை ரொம்பவே எரிச்சல் படுத்துது...

உண்மையான பகுத்தறிவு: "இதில் மற்றவர்களின் உணர்வுகளை மதிப்பதும் அடங்கும் " என்பது இவர்களுக்கு புரியாத வரையில் இவர்கள் எல்லாம் வெறும் நாத்தீகவாதீகளே தவிர பகுத்தறிவுவாதிகள் அல்ல.
இவர்கள் எல்லாம் தங்களை பகுத்தறிவுவாதிகள் என்று சொல்லிக்கொள்ளும் உரிமை அற்றவர்கள்.

I was always doubting
நாத்தீகவாதி - atheist

பகுத்தறிவுவாதி - ??

Recently heard that it is rationalist.