Thursday, 10 April 2008

No Name Yet - Part 4

Took so long a gap to write the part 4...*sigh*
Here I go!

After college, I joined a company in chennai where I acquired some friends.
30 of us from this company have got transferred to the head office in Delhi, after one year of being in Chennai. Amongst this 30, 6 of us were girls and we took a house for rent and stayed together, very close to our office in Gurgaon.
Along with me there were Subha Santhanam, Vidya Anantharaman, Anitha - I used to call her Antoo, Malathi S Iyengar - she loved to refer her this way, Namrata Limaye -the only Non-tamil of the six.
All that was common in us was that we worked for the same company and we lived in the same house. But otherwise, we were like navagrahams, each facing one side...yeah we were so different, our kind, our tastes, our interests...nothing was alike.
The moment we step in office, we would have different friends for each of us!!! huh.
One thing I must really thank these girls for, I started cooking for the first time during that stay and whatever crap I made, they never complained and they used to encourage me and appreciate me.
I have become beauty conscious while I was with them, have learnt a lot about doing facial, pedicure etc...
They insisted me to buy a jeans and that was the first time I wore a jeans...funtime.
Each had a unique talent, Subha was so witty and she had loads of mind presence, Malathi used to sing so well, Vidya too and she was the one to teach us beauty tips, Nam was so trendy and bubbly and Antoo, so composed.
Me and Antoo made a trip to Agra with few other colleagues on a friday, we went all the way to find out that Tajmahal was closed on Fridays...~Sigh~
We also had few other outings, shopping in Delhi etc...
After leaving from Delhi, we were not so much in touch, but its not that we totally lost it as well, we catch up on yahoo,gchats with some smileys and hi,bye..they are all well settled, Antoo being married to a common friend of me and my husband - Surya.
Actually my husband and Surya also worked with us in the same company, transferred to Delhi etc, and Antoo and Surya got married and few months later when me and my hub announced our wedding, our colleagues were like, "நம்ம கம்பெனி ல எத்தினி பேரு டா இப்புடி கிளம்பிருக்கீங்க??"

There were many other people with whom I used to pass time while in the chennai office, we used to share the lunch table, have lengthy coffee breaks and leisure walks and I am in touch with only Vaneetha, that too very occasionally in gchat.
I was staying in a PG in Velacherry while in Chennai, and me being a chatter-box obviously had many time-being friends. Ezhil, who I felt damn sweet, is still in touch with me through email and phone. From her I get to know about the other girl Jeyalakshmi, but about my other room-mates, Gayathri, Jinci, Swetha..I really dont know.
We all had visited Mangaadu amman temple together...that was the first time I went there. We all would sit together and watch 'Chithie' serial in sun TV and also sun music was our all time favourite. The day when Chithie climax was to be telecasted it was like a big day in our PG, with all the girls sitting and biting nails in front of the TV...:-)

Jincy was from Kerala and she made me watch, 'Summer in Bethlegam' mallu movie, which was later remade in Tamil as 'Lesa Lesa'. She was the only one to have a mobile phone in our room....hoooo.
I was the one to sing(?) to some extent in that room, so these girls would ask me to sing, and they would listen and say, "its good...". Me happy.I used to even sing to their choice...hee hee.
Had good time in this PG, though for a very short period of 5 months or so, before leaving for Delhi.

(To be continued)

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