Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Arjun's Vocabulary

Arjun is running 16th month and is talking tooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh.
Just thought of compiling his vocabulary.
Cheese, Sease - Cheese.
Bee - Baby
Ka - Car
hevoo - hello, Phone, mobile.
Aajee - Aachi(grandma)
Thatha - thatha (grandpa)
Ammu, Ammi, Amma - Amma (mom)
Appa - Appa(Father, this is so proper from day one)
Akka - Akka (sister)
peppa - periappa
baabaa - mama
baambaa - car horn
iggi -idli, idli plate,idli cooker
kuchi - bread stick
yaaaaaaaannnnnn - meo, cat
puppy -puppy, dog(very proper puppy)
happy - happy, happy birthday doll( a very prper happpppppy)
poo - flower
ha -horse
yiya - nila (moon)
koko -hen, cock
kaka, aa aa - crow
ish - fish
athai - athai (aunty)
kuvi - kuruvi(sparrow)
cc - cd
oogy - oh dear
ooggy ooggy - boogy woogy
papa - papa (baby)
ok - ok
pape -paper
peepaa -tea pot
aashee - aasai (desire)
baa - ball
aafee -coffee
paa -paal (milk)
caanfee -corn flakes
aappuu -apple
pee -pear
opi -open
ko -close
poppi -thoppi(cap)
pappy -chapathi
goo -groot(swedish name for porridge)

and some more,will update as I remember.


Mercy said...


While reading this post i get remembered the days i passed with Remi. Feel like seeing Arjun and listen to his "Malalazhai".

Raji said...

So nice :) feel like seeing arjun

Madhuri said...

cute words.. wish I could read tamil... just few letters I am able to recognise .

ப்ரியா said...

Thanks Madhu. I am glad you have visited my blogspot.
All these when he was around a year old...Now he even says baba black sheep, twinkle twinkle and lot more...:-)

நிலாவும் அம்மாவும் said...

Wow...I have a same kind of post......Among all i like how he pronounce :"nila"...Nila actually calls her as "Niya"