Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Arasangam - A great stress reliever

I have never seen such a super comedy movie before.
Such a great stress reliever, one would surely get stomach pain because of the overdose of comedy scenes...

In one scene Captain would catch Sriman from villain gang and he would ask him,"nee yaru, un nettuwork enna?"

Then he tells him,"nee sollamaleye unkitta irunthu tekkunology moolama unmaiya varavazhaika mudiyum"

Captain calls his friend manoj throughout the film as 'manoju'.

Captain gives a lecture to his students about seismic effect, receiving antenna, encryption decryption...mudiyalai da samy.

He is a criminologist in the movie...throughout the movie he refers himself as 'kiruminologist'.

Captain says 'anticlare war', he actually meant 'an undeclared war'.

Height is the way villain decides to kill Vijaykanth. Villain ties captain and opens up a vellai panni kootam to attack captain and captain escapes from it and in the next scene villain refers to captain as phoenix bird to have managed to escape.This is inspite of him being an international level terrorist planning bomb blasts etc.

Ultimate climax,Villain sets a bomb in such a way that he has to do a retina authorisation to diffuse the bomb and the bomb is set to blast in a nuclear boiler area which would cause a Hiroshima kinda effect to India(kanna katudhu enaku)...Captain takes the bomb in one hand and holds Villain in the other hand and shows the bomb at villain's face for retina authorisation.Villain closes his eyes to avoid being authorised. wow wow what a thoughtul scene.


Truth said...

he ones referred i-pod as i-baadu. keta udane naan keezha vizhunduten. marubadiyum ezhuduka mudiyaada padi. :)
but captain-a kindal pannadeenga, avaru thaan next CM

ப்ரியா said...

One word is a bigger joke than the entire blog, had a hearty laugh:-)