Friday, 16 November 2007

My blog - Naming Ceremony

I initially named my blog

After the first day's posts, I showed my husband, who has been actually encouraging me to blog.
His first comment:

'Blogname must be changed'.

He says I might fall into identity crisis ,when I post strong thoughts in future.

Identity Crisis??? Isn't he optimistic? I am not even sure, how much serious and regular will I be with this?? Least expected of me, a busy and equally lazy person.
But I must react on the first ever comment about my blog.
My husband also says, blogname must be catchy and intellectual.How tough for me?

Anyways, I rewound my soft disc(my little brain only), to name my blogspot something.

Can I find a thing from movies?? Like Abhiyum Naanum, Blog um Naanum...Not so good.
From the Harry potters, YouKnowWho types, NO NO.
Can Mahakavi Bharathi to whom I always seek help for any writing, help me? He says No too.

One must not think, on reading the above three lines, I am a great reader or watcher or so.

I remember a manager in my previous company quoting,"I can speak technology as much as to make the attendees believe that I KNOW technology". I am just trying to sound like him here:-)

This technique does not work all the time.
Happened to dine out with my team a few days ago, and a person sitting opposite to me, kept on praising Zidane, he is a foot-ball big fan, I just said to him out of Aarvakolaru, "Such a great player should not have lost his temper, in the grand finale, had he been there in the penalty shoot out, they might have won the title". God! Why did I say that? That was just all I knew about the foot ball world cup, or even foot ball for that matter. Just one match that I watched fully in my whole life so far. That guy apparently thought, I am a big fan like him too, and started talking about many other foot ballers, and even Swedish club matches. Then I told him, all I knew was just what I said to him about Zidane, and I am otherwise a vacuum when its about football. He gave me A look! Poor me!

So now what?All through my bus journey to office, I was thinking of A name for my blog.
One sudden flash, SYNAPSE. having some medical meaning with nerve impulses and neurons, could also be liberally translated as a junction,conjunction.

I steal this name from Aparna, my friend, who named her team Synapse, when we went for a softskills workshop for "Communication Skills", I think 3 years ago.
I happened to be in the other team with a not so good name, but liked this name lots.
But there are beautiful brains who already took this name from blogspot, so I had to prefix or suffix something, and that is 'junctionofthoughts'.
Not sure, how catchy or intellectual it is, but naming ceremony is over.
Huh, I finally did justice to the title of this blog inspite of lot other blah blah.(Courtesy: Kadhal Padikatugal by R.Parthiban in JV,he ends his article ' Seethayanam', with a note, "Appada oru vazhiya title a cover panniyachu" or something like that).


raji said...

Quite a long story huh !!!
Finally, happy that u ended up with a good catchy name :)
That justifies ur story ;)

Urge you to write moreee..
Vil be a neuron in this synapse ..

Rohini said...

Good blogging ....hope u continue with ur busy schedule ..Have fun....

Shanti said...

Gr8 blog.... u write really well... i njoyed reading.... keep posting.