Monday, 26 November 2007

I am overwhelmed with some friends asking me,"Why no posts of late?".

Actually was busy with writing some personal stuffs.
Also wanted to slow down this blogging stuff with a purpose.

A dear friend of mine adviced me to slow down as I also agree, because any interest wears out with time. So, instead of being so fast in the beginning, I just thought I must slow down a bit but be consistent with blogging.

Last weekend was good.
Christmas fever all around. Lotsa lights, shops are decorated. Christams trees, Santas. City sqaure is crowded with Donut shops, Candy shops, Candle shops...
Super markets are selling balloons, crackers, gifts etc...
Ok, this is the usual stuff for Christmas.
But what was special in Sweden? There was this 'Glogg', samples served to the pedestrians.
It is a Scandinavian punch made of claret and aquavit with spices and raisins and orange peel and sugar.
I did not get to taste it, but father in law did and said, it tastes like our sukku coffee.

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Anu said...

Wow!!!Three new blogs came up when I was away from my laptop for the Thanksgiving weekend!!!Its interesting to read about your first time travel.Many people would have had the same experience for the first time but not everyone will come forward to share it with others.Really appreciate your thought and totally agree with your thoughts about our India..Keep posting more!!Cheers.