Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Simply, some fb updates

Just wanted to log some of my recent fb updates:

I think the biggest challenge for women in family is that, many a times to keep up the family spirit, they get to accept things with which they are in no agreement and even more challenging is that "ACCEPT WITH A SMILE" - as if it's the best thing that is happening to them :):)
#myArjun updates:

Me: Arjun, given a chance, what is that one thing you want to change in Amma?

Arjun: You tell first ma, what will you change in me?

Me: I will change you such that you will love milk and start drinking 4 glasses of milk a day without a fuss. Now you tell me.

Arjun: I will change you such that you will not want me to drink milk everyday.

Me: ?!@#@$!!!!!!!!
#myArjun updates:

For some reasons, we could not invite the family in the opposite flat for Arjun's birthday event. While we were serving snacks to the guests, the family returned from outside, sensed the happenings through our open door and it was an embarrassing time for all of us/them as well. Arjun without any further thinking, took the chocolate box (gifted by my colleagues, ran to them, offered them the chocolates and told "today is my birthday; please take". Such a relief for all of us. God Bless you my boy, for this flawless heart you have.


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