Thursday, 6 December 2007

No Name Yet - Part 2

From 9th-12th standard, I was put up in hostel, as I moved to a school, in a town, which is about 3hours by bus journey from my native village.
I had many friends in this school; unfortunately I am not in touch with any of them now except for my mathematics teacher, thanks to ‘Orkut’ where her son found me and that’s how I am back in touch with her.

Otherwise, when I finished 12th and moved out of that town, the means of correspondence with my friends was just those blue and later pink inland letters(God, I must find a sample of an inland letter to show my son)and rarely phone calls through PP numbers...(while I was writing this, I even forgot this word PP and recollected it after a long struggle), which lasted for a year or two and then slowly wore out. The mobile phone and internet culture was not that popular and I never visited that town except to collect my mark sheets. Each time I log in Orkut or any such forums, I spend sometime in searching for those lovable ones, but did not manage to find one also yet.

Fatima Princy: My classmate for 2years, from Mumbai, catchy eyes, she sings well. She left the school when we completed 10th. The day when we had to collect the 10th certificates, that was when I met her last, while everyone congratulated me to have topped the school, the district and stood 3rd in the state, she was angry on me to have missed those 3 marks; I would have topped the state otherwise.

Manjula: My hostel mate, but we were in different classes in school as she was in English medium, a very pretty girl; I was kind of her fan. We shared the same tuition classes in 12th as well. She desired so much to become a doctor and went for improvement exams, donno what next with her.

Veni: My hostel mate and in English medium too, from Singapore. A humorous person.

Anandavalli: She is an early morning queen. When we were in 12th standard, she was my competitor in my class, I used to sleep at around 2AM and it seems she used to wake up and start studying at 2AM. We kind of agreed to remember each other when I go to sleep and when she gets up from bed, every day/night. I knew she went for BDS, but after that???

Geetha R(whenever she was tensed, she used to close her eyes and chant Kandasashti kavasam), Bhuvana K( too good in narrating, she used to explain us – the hostel students about satellite channel programs),
Gayathri (A black beauty, very humorous)
Bhuvana R, another Manjula,
Anbarasi and Krishnaveni (we were in the same tuition classes too),
Rajarajeswari (I lost to this girl in 12th standard, school topper, in English medium too, absolute genius, polite, School Pupil Leader, I liked her lots, she used to come and discuss the examination tips she got through the TV programs with me, as we don’t have TV in hostel, this is in spite of one trying to overtake the other in ranking)
Priya , Gomathi, two other Rajarajeswaries, Sona (super dancer), Premalatha,
Anusha and Saranya (Was in touch with these two for little longer than the others, as my aunty was the warden in their Engg college),
Mookambikai akka(we used to call her mooki, though she had a perfect nose, a very tender looking person),
Jyothi akka, (these akkas were my seniors and in hostel)...
These are just to name a few and the list goes on, like our attendance book!

Oh I am getting too nostalgic :-(
Where are you all gals? Knock my mailbox (look at this!!!mail box itseems), sometime please…

(To be continued)