Thursday, 6 December 2007

No name yet - Part 1

This is in my mind from so long, that I must write about all my friends who have lightened my life in various phases.
Again I am thinking what to name it?
Thought of some names like Chellame, Ennuyir thozhi, Priyamanavale, Natpukaga, Autograph and so on (ellam tamil movie titles)...Don’t like it myself, amateurish a iruku. It’s a trouble to name a thing.
Also I must have a series. Hmmm...
Ok, I will forget the naming and the formalities and just put down whatever that comes in my mind. And if I can find some good title on the way, then I shall name this, THAT.

Anuradha! We studied together from Pre-KG(‘enga kalathula‘ we used to call it 'Baby class' …aiyo avlo vayasu ayiducha) to 8th standard.
We shared those lovely innocent moments, we were always rivals when it comes to studies and extra curricular competitions, yet we were/are friends.
She is my relative in a way, and now settled very close to our native itself. So I can meet her each time I visit home town. She is that typical Ramani Chandran heroine types, we can give her things that we consider as ‘no use’ (ice cream cup/ wooden spoon for instance),and she would craft it and place it in her showcase. Such a good crafter.
She is now a goody-goody house wife, married to her ‘morai paiyan’ and a mother of two.
She was quite good in curriculum during schooling/college but has chosen to be a home maker. Her world is very calm and composed, she enjoys taking lunch box to her daughter’s school every noon, and feed her, visiting her parents in the nearby village(our native) every week, dressing up and being very presentable when her husband returns home from work, not missing any functions and the like.
“Oh! Women can be so happy and peaceful, this way too!!!, In the name of being career oriented and being an active earning member of the family, perhaps I am missing these luxuries???” – This thought crosses my mind every time I meet her.

(To be continued)


Shanti said...

I think, ideally, thatz the perfect life a women should lead!!!!

Shanti said...

Itz not a luxury , it is the toughest job, serving both children and husband!!! Working women husband maynot expect to be served!!! Also, if you live like her, you can't expect your husband to help you in kitchen !!! V, earning women (me, not now) are like "dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka, na gali ka".