Friday, 21 January 2011


ஐபிஎல் ஏலம் குறித்த எனது பதிவு இட்லிவடையில் வெளியானது.

படிக்க இங்கே கிளிக்கவும்.


சுபத்ரா said...

வழக்கம்போல் அருமையான நடை. என்ன ஒன்று... Cricket Jargons எல்லாம் நமக்கு Greek & Latin!

இருந்தாலும் என்னோட கம்பேரிஸனுக்கு Unadkat எல்லாம் இழுக்குறது கொஞ்சம் ஓவர் தான் :))

Big B " A Think Tank " said...

Priya madam,When are you going to write your next post. i am very much impressed about your writing style. 3 complete days i read all your blog posts. Idli vadaiku nandri, because of them i came to know about your blog. unga blog mulama innum konjam nalla blog padikum aarvam. :) Write next post google reader list is increasing. i also started following chinmayi sripradha blog few years back that is my first blog experience,now i am following her in twitter,had few discussions with her in twitter about national issues, then my friend asked me to write blog, i too started writing but lost my consistency, and it was empty(like my brain) from last new year day. thanks to re kindle my thoughts.

ப்ரியா கதிரவன் said...


Thanks, its indeed Greek and Latin for me too; This post was courtesy: My husband.

Big B " A Think Tank ",

Thanks; for being too kind.