Saturday, 24 May 2008

No Name Yet - Part 7

I moved to Denmark with my husband, apparently there were very less Indians at that time. Seema was the first one whom I personally know.
She was my husband's colleague's wife.
I have an admiration for her lovely hair, clean looks and great collection of attires.We started with dining at each other's house and watching each other's wedding DVDs. She was then newly married like me. After watching her DVD, I developed great respect towards her mother. She and her husband joined us for a trip to our dream destination Switzerland.

We all were looking for jobs in Denmark. During one of our tea time chats, she mentioned Freescale has an office in the city where we lived, which I did not know until then. Then I applied with them and infact joined them as I found it to be best among the few offers that I could find there. It was a big break for me and I felt lucky to have known her at that time, though this freescale stuff did not work out that good later!

She was one of the first few visitors at the hospital when I delivered Arjun and it was so thoughtful of her to bring some food for my mom and husband. They relished it after a tiring overnight stay at the hospital.

I am generally very good at making and maintaining friends and so is she, but somehow we both did not become great friends, I actually thought we would, as everything between us started very well. However, wherever we met at get togethers, we have smiled and waved and chit chatted.I was truly happy when she could start her career after a long wait in Denmark, which she has been badly longing for.

I come up with some more interesting ladies whom I met in Denmark. Keep wathcing this space.

(To be continued)

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